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rum by 4x4 Two of Saleh's recent visitors,a photographer and a film-maker, recorded their impressions.
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We're bedouin, born here in Rum, members of the proud Huwaitat tribe, descendants of the Nabateans who built Petra and helped to give the Arab world its freedom nearly 100 year ago.

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We offer adventure tourism for all ages. We welcome children!! And their grandparents too! As well as women travellers. Also independent tourists.

Saadeq is the Arabic word for honest. It's important to us that you leave here loving Rum as much as we do, having had a totally authentic experience. The prices on this site are what you'll pay.

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We believe we offer the best value in Rum for families and for couples. Our tour charges are the same for one person or a couple or a family!

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Saleh has two luxury camps with modern showers and WC facilities; one is
in the desert and the other in Rum village. If you are just looking for
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The Legacy of Lawrence

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(Duration: three hours, one day or one-day-and-one-night)
There is much debate about T E Lawrence's role in the Great Arab Revolt during the First World
War. What is beyond dispute is the importance of his legend and his book 'Seven Pillars of
Wisdom" in bringing global attention to Wadi Rum, as well as the 1962 Lawrence of Arabia film,
much of it shot here. But be careful! Many features named after him have little to do with him.
The mountain at the entrance to Wadi Rum itself is called Seven Pillars of Wisdom (with
imagination you can count all seven). It was named after the book, not the other way round!
There is no evidence that Lawrence ever slept at Lawrence's house, though he may have done so
and without doubt the view from there makes it an essential stopping point.
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Certainly Lawrence sheltered in Rum, while attacking the Turkish forces using the Hijjaz railway
after his capture of the port of Aqaba and before taking Damascus in 1918. Rum provided fresh,
sweet water for the Arab armies and Lawrence describes in detail his discovery of the spring at Al
Shallaleh, a 20 minute scramble above the Nabatean Temple in Rum village.
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Most Bedouin guides do not walk you to this spring but take an easy drive elsewhere and stay in
their vehicles. Saleh will show you both and also the rock circle marking what is known (again
with little proof) as Lawrence's well. If you are a Lawrence expert you will know much more than
Saleh; and he will take you where you want. If not he will guide you round Lawrence's Rum, pass
on the stories that have been passed on to him and help you seek the truth and experience
'Rum's glory' as Lawrence knew and chronicled it in such memorable language: "this
processional way greater than imagination. . .[the walls] in crags like gigantic buildings."
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