1Welcome; I'm Saleh. With my wife and family we offer every kind of guided tour in Rum. Camping, 4x4 safaris, mountain scrambles, bedouin cooking and culture, desert trekking, secret valleys and special places. Ten different tours!

rum by 4x4 Two of Saleh's recent visitors,a photographer and a film-maker, recorded their impressions.
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a family business
We're bedouin, born here in Rum, members of the proud Huwaitat tribe, descendants of the Nabateans who built Petra and helped to give the Arab world its freedom nearly 100 year ago.

no risks but lots of adventure
We offer adventure tourism for all ages. We welcome children!! And their grandparents too! As well as women travellers. Also independent tourists.

Saadeq is the Arabic word for honest. It's important to us that you leave here loving Rum as much as we do, having had a totally authentic experience. The prices on this site are what you'll pay.

cheapest for families and couples
We believe we offer the best value in Rum for families and for couples. Our tour charges are the same for one person or a couple or a family!

your Wadi Rum
Look around this site, tell us what you want and we'll design the perfect visit for you; we can even organise a camel race! . Book a tour now or customise it any way you want.

petra, wadi rum and aqaba
aqaba-redsea-holidayAqaba on the Red Sea is the perfect base for exploring Southern Jordan.
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luxury bedouin camping
Saleh has two luxury camps with modern showers and WC facilities; one is
in the desert and the other in Rum village. If you are just looking for
romantic, traditional, bedouin over-night accommodation then click here.

Special Weekends

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During the next year, we are offering a few two-day themed tours in WadiRum. The numbers
are strictly limited and you will have to prebook and prepay -- so if you're interested please
contact us soon. Some tours will be strenuous and tough, others will be more intellectually
challenging! all will be fun. They will be organised by Saleh, Alia will provide the food and
Attiyek will lead you through the desert.
weekend3 weekend8 weekend4
* We are planning a two-day desert marathon, between all the main locations of Rum,
with support on the way and a Rum marathon certifcate at the end! and yes you will have to
walk more than 42 kms!
* There'll be a two-day Rum camel caravan, taking you to corners of Rum that can't be
reached by 4x4 and letting you experience the desert like the bedouins have for centuries;
again with support and your luggage carried ahead to your overnight camp in the heart of
the protected area.
weekend1 weekend5 weekend7
* Help us to create a challenging GPS-scrambling Treasure Hunt weekend. Saleh's father
told him of a mysterious Turk who gave directions to a hidden treasure within walking
distance of Rum village. It's never been found. This time we will provide the treasure and it
will be found but not on the first day and not until you've scoured most of Rum.
* And we want to organise an extended Behind the Veil visit, where women only will learn in
detail how to cook bedouin food and share far more intimate details of life than is possible
on a short-visit.
* We will organise a special weekend for photographers, with an exhibition at the end!
* For the really hardy we can run a desert survival weekend, where all you take with you is
the water you need; everything else you have to find on your journey; though you can recover
on your final night in the luxury of Saleh's mother's bedouin camp near Jebel Khazali.
* There will be a 'Legacy of Lawrence' weekend, with lectures and touring and even trips
beyond Rum. Perhaps we'll run something similar on the history of the Nabateans.
weekend9 weekend2 weekend6
If you are interested EMAIL US NOW! Let us know which special tour you like and the best
dates for you. We need at least five people and a maximum of twenty for each tour. You will be
with a small, select group who share your interests and enthusiasms.
Most of the tours will begin at 9am on Friday morning and end after sunset on Saturday. The cost,
including two days' lunch and dinner, one night camping, breakfast on Saturday, entrance to
Wadi Rum and all the touring will be 90 Jordanian dinars per person, that's about US $130!
(the camel caravan will be 200 JDs). In keeping with our family friendly philosophy, we will offer
special rates to families with younger children.
Please note, you can also stay with Saleh on the Thursday and Saturday nights, for 20 JDs per
night per person. Why not come for a week and spend the other four nights by the Dead Sea,
exploring Jordan's rich archeology and religious history while relaxing in the safest place on the
planet to sunbathe!
Thanks to Ruud for some of the new panoramic photos on this page:
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beyond Wadi Rum

the Azraq oasis, the forests of Ajloun, the Dana biosphere and the Dead Sea!
Alongside Jordan's RSCN, we're offering a bargain 7 luxury nights in wild Jordan. For details: